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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 30, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we don't know if there is a body retrieved as well. wreckage was exactly where divers said it was. >> san francisco police used an underwater camera that located wreckage yesterday. session in a plunged after colliding with a vintage plane. authorities have not released the name of the pilot. frank miller. >> there is a lot of silt. there is 0 visibility then. >> amount of time depends on how embedded it is. eric johnson is the harbor master. >> probably use bags and maybe get a net underneath it. lift it up as one
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>> they pulled whaup appears to be fuselage and perhaps a body as well. we cannot confirm that from shore. it looks again like it's going quickly. now, plan is to take that wreckage, whatever they retrieve from the waters to another location. ntsb will review to find out what caused this collision. >> vic, thank you very much. airports here and across the west are >> a computer glitch caused all airports to close down. it's affecting flights at sfo.
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we're live with the problem creating system wide. ama? >> reporter: dan, the ground staff has been lifted. that happened around 3:45 but flights going from here down to los angeles are delayed. . the faa center experienced a technical issue affecting airports from santa barbara down to san diego. so any flights were placed on a stop until that issue was resolved. >> that affected a number of flights going to a variety of destinations. we're being told that has been lifted. >> there are delays on flights and one international flight was
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diverted i'm told it will be picking up fuel and head back down to los angeles. >> near record temperatures around the bay today this, is a live look now at the beach in santa cruz. it's hot in hills tonight. new concerns about fire danger. let's get to abc7 news outside in the heat. >> yes. it's steamy out here now. some people know how to do it right. i'll show you temperatures. highs so far. these are the highs so far. 93 in san jose. 90 in san francisco.
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92 livermore, 91 santa rosa. 91 oakland. plenty of 90s in santa cruz. 82 degrees in half moon bay. we're expecting some relief here in the bay area. i'll let you know when you'll feel cooling relief. trust me we need it. it's hot out here. >> how hot? we'll get to that later. >> yes. >> taking a look at the heat has raised fire danger. nick smith joins us with more. nick? >> take a look at the view. this is just one reason people choose to live in the oakland hills.
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so they have to be dillent. sheena like many here in the oakland hills knows she has things in common with neighbors spectacular views and an i'd dillic location and a need to keep home clear the debris, anything that could become a fire hazard. >> the guy makes sure we cut once a month. >> now, heat is on the mind of officials in orinda, conditions still require a watchful eye. in oakland, high winds are a factor. lucky goats are eating their fill they say the tall brush need be tog to be cut. that is why crews are going through neighborhoods to help
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residents identify the hidden danger. >> we'll make sure we have depensible space. >> most people learned from the fire storm in 91 to clear property of flammable brush. clearing requires you do it slowly. a lot can spark becoming just as dangerous as a cigarette out of a car window. >> it's good to stay around that work area afterwards. >> everyone doing their part to cut down the fire danger and keep community safe. in oakland nick smith abc7 news >> now in southern cal kl a major wildfire is threatening communities. officials have evacuated homes. 500 firefighters are battling
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flames. it is now grown to a thousand acres and still spreading. >> half moon bay reopened after a serious crash about an hour and a half ago east of 92 and state highway 1. there are pictures now. two people had to be extra indicated from one car. >> a 23-year-old south bay transient living in a car is locked up in jail tonight facing two counts of kidnapping this, is a bizarre case. police say kenneth middle brooke forced 2 women to drive around the bay area. his victims escaped by outsmarting him. david? >> outsmarting is the right term. he knew he couldn't drive on a suspended license he's now accused of kidnapping a
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woman here then a second woman in mountain view. it probably didn't count on them knowing how to escape. police say middle brook walked up to a 19-year-old asking if she'd do him a favor. drive him to his father's house. he claimed his license was suspended she agreed to take his car here. they did. they drove to mountain view. >> were they friends? >> no. there was no relationship between the 19-year-old victim and kenneth. >> in good faith the woman drove the nissan to mountain view. but realized she was a kidnap victim she got on the bay shore freeway and intentionally hit another car so she'd have to stop. after the accident, middle dgs brook took off in his car but abandoned it. >> he ended up moving north and went into this residents and did sort of the same thing. forcing a 61-year-old women to
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her car. >> the second kidnap victim lived in this mobile home park extolled police he forced her way into the home. it was about 8:00 p.m sunday night. for eight hours they drove across the bay. that is when middle brook told the woman to stay put she drove off and escaped a short time later police arrested middlebrook. sargeant jafer says strangers should be on their guard when strangers ask for favors. >> be wary if people are trying to sell you something or give you a ride somewhere. you never know what can actually happen. >> and still ahead ikea includes a recall to include 30 billion
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products >> do you think your flight is hate? one airline has gotten the message and plans to do something about it. >> a coach who trained olympic swimmers gets taps for another job. >> stay with us. abc7 news continues in 60 seconds.
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new details on fatal mid air collision two of sky divers in the central valley. this skier died after hitting his partner in a speed about 30 seconds after jumping out of his plane. he was seven years old the owner of the center where it took place says he never had a chance to open the chute this week and says none of the equipment failed and both men were very experienced jumpers.
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>> dow jones hit a high today. finishing up 45 points closing at 16,580. that is four points above previous highs. today's game issued an up beat view of the prospects. >> president obama blaming senate republicans for looking an increase in the federal minimum wage voting in favor of the increase but that fell short of the 60 votes needed to advance legislation the bill would have increased to $10.0 an hour up from current $7.25. the president says that denied millions a way out of poverty.
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estimated would it lift americans out of poverty but posting 500,000 people their jobs >> oakland summer jobs program kicked off today. each intern can earn up to a thousand dollars over the summer. real money and get on the job training. >> oakland is booming now. i want to make sure kids have an opportunity to get a summer job. it's important for kids. some kids never get out of their neighborhood no idea of what possibilities are out there. these jobs can change your life. >> the former oakland city administrator begins her new job in june the city council voted to hire
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santana. officials crediting santana with help be stabilize oakland's government. >> a big honor a woman's coach in berkeley announcing terry mcever has been selected as a head coach. she's guided the programs for 22 seasons. . she's coached several olympic champions over the years. congratulations. >> lovely. >> this is not so good. there is a massive recall under way by ikea. 30 million wall lamps could be a strangulation hazard for kids.
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>> this is an expansion of the of a previous recall. it follows death of a 16-month-old baby. who died after getting strangled on a lamp cord. each lamp has a cord about 7 to 8 feet long. 30 million lamps are being recalled if you have one, you're urged to discontinue use of the lamp until you can get a repair kit from ikea. now for a list of all lamps go to abc7 and click on 7 on your side. >> we have yet another major recall to report. this one involves 1 million thermostats made by white rogers. the batteries set to leak posing a fire hazard. there have been seven reports of burn damage but no injuries.
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for a list of the nearly dozen brand names, you immediate to go to abc p and southwest airlines is losing ground now, the ceo is vowing to fix the problem. last year ranking 12th out of 16 airlines for being on time. that is near bottom. this ceo says the airline will add minutes between each flight then be more careful about booking flights. southwest ranks number one. that is since regulators started to keep track in 1987. >> that has been a hall mark of southwest. >> yes. >> thank you. >> sure >> in 24 hours we've heard names being thrown into the ring as possible buyers if l.a. clippers
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become available. oprah winfrey and david geffen confirmed they're interested and are in talks that is assuming the owner is forced to sell. dr. dre tells tmj sports he also wants to buy in saying he is worth half a combrinl dollars. the issue is one issue about which i spoke to diane sawyer today >> you have a lot going on tonight. >> we do. we're going to show you the flash floods in the east. and what to do if it happens to you. we'll have big names lining up as potential buyers tonight. >> you're talking about humans and computers. >> are you ready for this?
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can you take this test and see if you spot the person faking the truth? or telling the truth? can a machine do it? what is the showdown tonight? >> thank you. >> and world news is coming up right after this newscast at 5:30. >> so stay tuned but now, hot, hot around the bay area. >> i feel like i stepped into a sauna. multiple bottles of water it's really hot for san francisco. close to previous records of this is a place you want to
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84 in oakland. 89 in san jose. 91 in gilroy. hazy skies looking towards ocean beach. 83 in santa rosa. 91 degrees in livermore. from our camera, mostly clear skies tonight. warm to hot again tomorrow a cooler pattern friday flute weekend. this ridge going to hold on one more day we'll bring you more warm to hot weather. cooler for all areas on friday. as wind direction switches. and we'll also see more cloud cover. so that is why temperatures will
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be lower into friday for just about everyone. tomorrow, oakland 83 degrees. by weekend you're below normal. look at that. mid-60s. just plan accordingly you don't have to worry about bundling up. 93 gilroy. 88 san jose still will feel downtown san francisco, warm 78. far cry from 90s. 74 daly city. 70s at beaches.
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hayward, 83. 94 in antioch. and here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. cooling felt friday when you see mid-60s to mid-80s over the weekend will he to mid-70s inland. more cloud cover. we're going to keep you close to that level monday through wednesday. there is a very slim chance far northern end of the viewing area could see light showers until then, try to stay dry, and cool. dry. no. cool. >> i don't know what i'm saying. hot. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> you can keep track of the heat in your neighborhood any time with our abc7 news weather app. free to down load we have information on abc7
5:22 pm what experts say is a bigger crisis than aids. >> then at 6:00 facebook's future the batch of new features announced by mark zuckerberg aimed at putting people first at 6:00. we'll be right back.
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security camera footage captured a truck veering into the car. the driver claims he did not see the car and did not see other drivers waving at him. wow. >> well, world health organization warns antibiotic resistance is a bigger crisis than the aids epidemic. experts say the spread of super
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bugs is happening around the world the united nations says steps need to be taken immediately to change the way we produce, prescribe and use antibiotics. if not they say the affects will be devastating. a simple scratch could prove to be deadly. >> the santa clara sheriff's department says will provide support to san jose police department. san jose will pay for using it's deputy was money that is not being used for it's own police payroll. >> bay area based pay pal changing it's logo adding a second p to aleavation confusion with other signs it's considered to be more ledgible and recognizable than the previous logo. >> stay with us coming up next... a special day
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for a bay area fifth grader. why he's getting hugs from the daughter of baseball great jackie robinson and high fives from classmates.
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>> major wildfire driven by santa ana winds officials evacuated 1600 homes closing seven schools in rancho cucamonga. 500 firefighters are trying to put this thing out we'll update that for you at 6:00. we'll have that and carolyn is in the newsroom with what is on the program. >> we're talking water. let it flow. why signs of water pouring into the east bay is worth celebrating. many people dream of owning a business there is one thing many of them for get to do. it's coming up in a half hour at 6:00. right now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you.
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>> a fifth grader student has a lot to look forward to after winning an essay contest. >> yes. today raymond beasley, the fifth got to meet sharon robinson. daughter of jackie robinson. he was her inspiration to help create a program. >> the essay about struggles with brain cancer. >> wonderful to honor him. essay was strong and positive. and he didn't get down. he had a brain tumor. it doesn't have him. >> wow. raymond will be recognized by the giants before tonight's game. >> then, ready for this? in july he'll be honored at the all star game in minneapolis what. a big moment. >> go, raymond love it. >> thanks for joining us. world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here thanks
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for watching. we appreciate your time. we'll see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news." tonight flash floods roaring into the streets from florida to new england. drivers suddenly floating away. rescue workers in overdrive. this baby carried to safety. sinkholes swallows streets and more severe storms on the move tonight. full court press on the nba owner accused of racism as his girlfriend makes a bizarre appearance in a visor and a host of famous people talk about buying the team to get him out. >> no matter how long it takes or how much money it costs we need to get him out of there. moment of truth. take the test and see if you can spot the person faking how they feel. can a new machine spot a liar better than we can? the big showdown tonight.


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